Nov 2, 2014

Universal: An EV Plugin

I'm starting a new recreational programming project: Universal, a procedurally generated EV plugin.  I'll be posting updates here as well as on a project website.  Life's been pretty hectic lately, so I've needed something to unwind with.  Dusting off a project in this well-trod space feels like just the thing.

Jan 14, 2012


San Diego FTC

Aug 3, 2011

HDR Photos of UCSD

So, Google+.

Jun 30, 2011

Voicemail, I never learn

If(voicemail) break;

-Alex Dodge

Jun 17, 2011


Tsa lock

I'm pretty sure if the TSA an defeat my lock, that defeats the purpose...

Bad Door

Sittin' in front of this push door, watchin' people try to pull.